Monday, November 29, 2010

Have you seen this Santa Claus?

If you see him, call the FBI - or don't, like most everyone else who is keeping their mouth shut about the whereabouts of John Robert Boone aka "King of Pot" aka "Godfather of Grass" and notorious member of the "Cornbread Mafia." Locals consider his offenses closer to that of a modern day moonshiner, rather than a criminal.

Don't forget to buy a Run, Johnny, Run t-shirt or other Boone related items for your special lady this holiday season!


  1. I love that he looks like Santa, reminds me of a Christmas when I was in high school when an armed robber was dressing up as Santa to rob movie theaters, liquor stores, and convenience marts. It's prob a good disguise, unrecognizable face and a costume that's easy to explain, "I was collecting money for kids with cancer."