Monday, November 22, 2010

(Wo)man Up

It wasn't long ago that Sarah Palin was plucked from Alaska as part of McCain's desperate attempt to win the presidential election of 2008. Before the campaign was over, Palin was already biting the hand the feeds her. It is well documented that she is uninformed and has little executive experience. She's not good with policy, law, the constitution and all that bookish stuff. But she can work a room. She has a nice smile and a nice wardrobe.

Since 2008 she's quit her position as Alaskan governor to strut it, full time. She's published a book, starred on a TV show and made a bundle traveling the country as a guest speaker in an effort to raise momentum for a 2012 presidential campaign. Her gaffes and divisive politics are entertaining at their lightest and scary as hell at the heaviest, considering a sizable demographic buys what she's selling. What I've noticed is that nobody within the Republican party has the cojones to stand up to her. Not McCain, Bush I or II, or other Republican leaders. Republican 1-man think tank, Karl Rove, has dared question her but each time he's forced to shrink his opinion by Fox News and their viewers. So who is man enough to stand up to Palin? Who has the gravitas? During the 2010 election campaigns female republican candidates were spreading the mantra, "Man Up!" Finally, that someone is...Barbara Bush?


  1. First time I every agreed with Barbara Bush.

  2. This was timely--we debated Palin at our pre-holiday holiday.